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We are a credible and trustable source for all your casino and sports betting needs. Who said you have to step away from your home to enjoy a game at the casino or bet on your favourite sports? You can do it right at your fingertips, by logging on to our casino platform. Not only are you entitled to various perks, but are also in for entertainment and timely updates. We strive for excellence and even preach the same.

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A Guide to Winning at Casinos: How To Beat The House

Most people are familiar with the phrase “the house always wins.” This is true when it comes to casinos and gambling. The house makes money no matter what, but there are ways you can use this to your advantage when gambling. This article provides some tips on how to win at casino games to walk away from a winner instead of a loser.

1. Your chances of winning at roulette are better than you think

You may have heard that the house has a built-in edge at the roulette table, but that’s only part of the story. The house has an advantage, but it’s not as big as you might think. Roulette is a game of chance, so you can’t guarantee a win. When there is a built-in edge and no slight maneuvering allowed, the house always wins.

Let us discusses the three basic rules for casinos. The first is to never bet the house. The second is to never invite fellow gamblers to the table. The third is to always have a plan B. How do you create a built-in advantage with these rules? With the right strategy and the right cards, you can guarantee yourself a guaranteed loss when you play the house.

When you bet the house, you stand to win or lose. This includes all types of playing and betting on slot machines. For example, if you bet the house for a $100 jackpot and the house wins, you lose all your money. When you bet the house, you are betting against all odds. There is a 57 percent chance that you will walk away without winning your money.

2. How to win big at craps

Craps is the only game in town where the house doesn’t always win. In craps, the house edge is only 1.41%. That’s significantly lower than the house edge on the other casino games. If you stick to playing the pass line, then you’ll be playing the game with the lowest house edge. In addition, the house has a lot more options than it would with the other casinos. You can choose to bet on any skill or payout on anything that pays, even though some of the other slot machines payout 100%.

These slight advantages might make it overwhelming to sit down and play the passing game, but you only need to know how to play the house to maximize your odds of winning. As long as you understand how the house works, then you can play it any way you would if you were playing the other casino games.

How to beat the house and win money at the casino

3. How to beat the house in casino games

My favourite casino game is roulette. It’s easy to learn and the odds are in the player’s favour. In roulette, the house edge is 5.26%. The house edge is a measure of how much the casino makes on average in a game. For example, in blackjack, the house edge is 0.5%. Unlike poker, I don’t believe there is a “right” or “wrong” way to play. There are pros and cons to all games. In a cash-manipulated game like roulette, it is the house with the money who benefits, so choose wisely!

The reason is that most people don’t put in enough time and effort to maximise their chance of success. This is not always easy to achieve, and I cannot stress enough the importance of playing to your strengths. If you seek to take a large amount of risk no matter what, the house may drown you. So how can you maximize your winning opportunity? The first tactic is to read the cards before you throw your dice. Read everything you can about the game at the worst possible time.

When I first started playing, I would watch the board and the cashier’s hands before I would pick up my cards. These are not necessarily time poor, but they do give you a fair understanding of what to expect. So play to your strengths and read up as much as you can. You can also watch videos on Youtube to give you a better insight. If you play this way, then you should walk away from a winner every time at least.

4. How to avoid getting cheated by casinos

I’m going to show you how to avoid getting cheated by casinos. Start by using common sense. You’re not going to win every single time you play, and you might lose a lot in the beginning. That doesn’t mean the casino is cheating you. It’s just the way playing works.

Don’t be afraid to ask for a rule book. Most of the time, if you find a fluke, rules will be posted in the building. We’re not looking for rules, we’re looking for help interpreting the rules.

How to maximize your winnings and avoid losing? The objective of the house is to make sure you lose. Everyone hates losing, including the house. What’s worse, you can bet your house on losing. The worst part? It happens to everyone. How? They took your money out of your bank account and put it in another account!

Compare this to poker and blackjack, where a player has just put up his or her hand to play. Both games are anonymous, so both you and the house know who the players are. The house will still be able to make money if the players are faking it. Sorry, but it happens. When playing poker at a casino, there aren’t even points to calculate. You walk in, you play, and after a while, you walk out. This lets the house know exactly how much money players are putting into the games. You may think all kinds of things like, “But I don’t want to lose money!” But we all want to win money. Unfortunately for every time, there is a winner they will be a loser.

A History of Gambling

history of gambling 2022

Gambling is a pastime as old as civilization itself. Ancient cave drawings from pre-historic times feature dice and other forms of gambling making it clear that it is an activity with which humanity has always been fascinated. Today, gambling is a popular activity around the world with hundreds of millions of people participating in at least one type of gambling activity or another.

Gambling’s origins

The history of gambling is ancient and fascinating. Ancient civilizations enjoyed games of chance and betting on various contests. The lottery goes back more than 3,000 years to China, where it was played with white and black beans. Over the years, various cultures adapted the lottery games and different versions of it have evolved. The most popular version of the lottery today is a game in which players choose six numbers from 1 to 54 and a one jackpot-winning number from 1-49.

While some may dismiss the lottery as a remote possibility, it is actually a very serious subject. While lottery sales are often set up to benefit non-profit organizations, they actually generate large profits for the state.

The earliest gambling book was written by Sir William Hope in 17th century, who bet on horses and dog races. He was so successful that he became known as the “King of Gamblers”.

Gambling in ancient Greece and Rome

Gambling is one of the most popular pastimes in the world, with a history going back thousands of years. It is easy to trace the development of gambling from ancient times right through to the present day, but what was it really like to gamble in ancient Greece and Rome?

Gambling was popular in Ancient Greece and flourished further in Rome during the period of 50 B.C. to 300 A.D. It was common for people who lived in those times to bet on just about anything, from the outcome of gladiator fights to chariot races. They would even bet on which statues in a fountain would be wet or dry that day.

The most popular and widely accepted gambling of all was dice. Both men and women would gather to play backgammon, dice, and knuckle bones. For many of these people, gambling was not just a way to pass the time, it was a daily game of survival.

Gambling is often blamed for causing the fall of the Roman Empire. However, the Roman Empire had been doing very well until the year 250 A.D. when it became in debt so deeply that it could not repay the money it owed. The Emperor had to pay the debt by raising taxes and making the people of the Empire pay for it. Some of the people, who were not wealthy, could not pay the steeply-raised taxes and were banished from their own country.

gambling in rome

Most importantly, the Romans brought gambling to Britain, where it flourished until the 19th century. So next time you are playing poker or betting on a horse, think about how long and hard the fight for gambling rights has been.

The origin of slot machines

The dawn of recorded history saw the development of games of chance. And these games have been around for a very long time. Long before traveling to a casino was even a possibility, people were gambling for money in ancient Greece and Rome. In fact, some of the most famous names in history participated in these games. The games were popular in both societies, and gambling was a way of life.

The Slot Machine History begins around the 1830s with the creation of a simple coin-operated vending machine by German-born American inventor, Charles Fey. Fey created the first coin-operated machine that would eventually be called a slot machine. With a large amount of success and popularity, Charles Fey began to mass produce his machine and it started appearing in saloons and taverns across North America.

Production of Slot Machines began to spread in Europe around the 1840s. In 1891, Fey had left the production of slot machines to his sons and sold the rights to the company to Charles W. Williams. With the new ownership, the business underwent a massive expansion and became one of the most successful manufacturers of gaming devices in the world. The company also changed its name to the International Playing Card Company.

Charles Fey’s slot machine was quite different from the slots we see today. It did not have the three reels with multiple symbols and a payout table. Instead, it was a simple machine that had three spinning drums with pictures of hearts, diamonds, and spades on them. If a player had a jack, queen, or king card, that player would win the prize listed. The prize was a pre-determined amount of money that Fey had set up with the establishment.

The advent of of online casinos

Online casino websites have a long history, with the first online casino starting up in 1994. At that time, online casinos were a small niche market and were run by hobbyists. Today, they’re big business with some of the best-known online casinos having been founded in the mid- to late-1990s. In fact, one of the earliest online casinos, Island Casino Online , is still around today, though it’s no longer in business.

Thanks to the glory of the Internet, playing casino games is now easier than ever. Today, it’s possible to play your favorite casino games from the comfort of your home. On the flip side, however, there are many online casinos that do not comply with regulations, so you have to be careful before signing up to play at them. It is important to make sure that the casino is licensed and recommended by a reputable casino portal. The Slot Buzz is an excellent resource that provides additional information on online casinos.

Gambling is a pastime that continues to be popular today. There are many ways to gain some amusement with gambling. It may involve the use of dice, games, or even cards.

Amazing Deals On A Real Money Online Casino

Online casinos have definitely boomed this year. 2020 was a very profitable year for online casinos all around the world. Online casinos have done a fantastic job at offering real money betting, just like brick and mortar casinos. It has become increasingly popular among Canadians and a lot of websites as well. They provide a very convenient way to win some money, without even leaving the comfort of your own home.

This article will follow the comprehensive analysis of a lot of popular casino games along with the guidelines on how you can receive some real money while gambling on the Internet. You should consider checking out the article, if you are a casino gambling enthusiast. I have also included a list of some of the best real money casino sites.

When you are picking activity in any modern casino, you will actually be facing hundreds of variance, but the majority of them are all based on a lot of traditional games, which all originated from brick and mortar gambling houses. They have made their way into modern betting websites. At this stage, it is definitely essential to mention the House edge. The House edge is the value which is used to measure the operator’s profit when it comes to the long run.

The number can actually be vary depending on the game which you are playing, but it is always above zero. The business is always making money, when the customers are losing money. The casino always makes money, no matter what. The list which I am providing includes some games with the lowest house edge.

The first thing that I would like to mention would be, poker. It is very commonly played in brick and mortar poker rooms, and it is a game of pure skill. Players actually compete against each other, but the house ends up making a lot of money. The same ends of applying to web-based poker tables. Your chances of winning or actually determined by your skill and also a little bit of chance and luck.

Video poker is actually the most popular game, and it has an average of 5% to 1% of House edge. It means that you will end up winning 95% to 99% of the wagered money, back.

Roulette is the next game, and it also happens to be one of the oldest and most iconic activities. It is widely represented in the world of online gambling. The gameplay is also based on placing wagers on a couple of random numbers in hopes that you would end up guessing correctly and end up receiving a huge payout. If you’re looking at the house edge, it is approximately 5.2%.

A Guide to Finding the Safest Casinos Online

Gambling has become one of the most popular forms of entertainment, owing to the demand for games of uncertain outcomes. Multiple games are being offered in many casinos for you to try out, but not all sessions may pay out a fair amount of money as winnings. Hundreds of casino sites have been developed over the years, and people are not in a shortage of options to gamble. However, the number of reliable casinos has dropped drastically or isn’t commensurate with the total number of online platforms. We need to be careful when selecting an online casino so that no much money is lost over time. Trusting every casino that claims to be safe is not wise; you must check for various features on the site before signing up. Let us look at a few tips to find the safest online casinos.

Identifying Unsafe Casinos

You must start by identifying the unsafe casinos so that you don’t end up in massive losses through fraudulent schemes. If the terms and conditions on a site keep changing constantly, consider it an indictment of the services. If the website is not clarifying certain points of security and the conversations seem hazy, try to avoid signing up for the services of such websites.

Software companies are offering great graphics and sound effects with the games, but some of them could be shoddy options. While companies such as Betsoft work to provide players with games through reputable websites, many other developers collaborate with phony sites. Look out for those software providers with such shoddy offerings. You must also check the payout frequency of the casino before starting with the games on these platforms.

Finding the Safest Online Casinos

Since you now know the signs that distinguish the unsafe casinos from the safe ones, you wouldn’t find it difficult to land on the safest online gambling options. Here are some of the factors you must consider before choosing a casino for your games.

·         License

Having a valid license is a sign of the integrity of a casino. If you come across any website without a gambling license, make sure to avoid signing up for its services. Make sure to check if the permit has been issued by the local authority.

·         Software

When you are confused about the good offerings of software, you must check for the features that build the reputation of a casino. If the software has had a history of evading payouts and change of terms, it is better to skip such sites. You should also check if the games are random or not, meaning the quality of operations must be of the highest quality. If the sites are too choosey about the players using their software, go for the ones that aren’t too finicky but also has certain restrictions. Besides all these factors, fair play must also be checked for in the software.

Once you have checked these two highly important factors, go through the terms and look for the payment options. Also, check the reviews before signing up.

3 Sports Betting Tricks Beginners Can Use Today

Most gamblers are confounded by the concepts working within the sports betting options. Consistent winning by wagering on sports is not easy; it would take the bettors years of practice to become invincible in the world of gambling. Many people who tried to conquer the heights of sports betting failed miserably because of the lack of resources to learn and research. The internet is an abundant source of information that provides the current gamblers with a better idea of how to play to win. Online bettors may not need as much time as the older gamblers did as data is available on the internet to be used at multiple stages of a game. Strategies have also been developed over the years for the bettors to execute throughout the session. Let us look at a few sports betting tricks even beginners can use in their game.

1.      College Football Home Underdogs

Many sportsbooks eliminated this trick from their platform a few years back. It was used in the NFL in those days, but it is now limited to college football. You need to keep yourself updated about the weekly score of each team throughout the season. Betting on all these games is surely not a good idea, but you can earn valuable points from the games in college football seasons. The first thing you must do when considering the score of these teams is to eliminate all those who get more than nine points. Make sure to focus on the games where the home team has scored more than three points. Seven is also an important breakpoint in the spreads of football. You should also check if the home underdogs have a good quarterback or not.

College Football

2.      College Sports Home Moneyline Underdogs at +200 or Lower

This a trick used in college basketball and football games where you have the chance to win money when home teams are underdogs on the moneyline at +200 or under. You can make money even without winning half of these bets. Try and win enough to make a long-term profit from the season. Learn how the numbers work in favor of the bettors to make the right move in the game.

College Football

3.      Home Baseball Teams Martingale

Making moneyline bets on the ranking of the teams in Major League Baseball will help you gain an advantage over the current state of the game. If you know how the Martingale system works, you will find it easy to place the bets accordingly. When you don’t win by betting on the home team in the first game, bigger bets have to be made in the second game of the series. An even bigger bet has to be placed on the third game if the home team loses the first two games. This could happen often; you must learn to use the trick by increasing the bet in the second and third rounds. There is always risk involved when using the Martingale system.

Is the Film Casino a True Story

Casino a True Story

The film Casino is one of the most popular casino-based movies that both casino players and interested viewers loved because of its authentic representation of the lifestyle of casino operators as well as the gamblers. Film Casino was released in 1995 with cast Robert De Niro, Sharon Stone, and director Martin Scorsese. The plot of the movie was inspired by the story of the manager of Fremont, Hacienda, and Stardust casinos in Las Vegas, Frank “Lefty” Rosenthal. While many may only know it as a story of Frank, there might be these seven details that you may have missed.

All main characters had real-life counterparts

Every main character in the film was a real-life individual. Sam “Ace: Rothstein was Frank Rosenthal, Ginger McKenna was Geri McGee, Nicky Santoro was Anthony Spilotro, and Philip Green was Allen Glick. These characters had traits and events similar to the events in Vegas during the 1970s and 1980s. The surname of the characters in the movie is similar to the real people, that it is easy to identify who played who.

 Casino a True Story

Rosenthal did not have a gaming license in real

The real-life Rosenthal did not have a gaming license despite managing major casinos. It was not a twist added to spice up the story but was a fact. Rosenthal had links to organized crime, which made it difficult for him to get a license. The mob always tried to give Rosenthal low profile roles in the casinos he worked at to hide his identity. He worked as entertainment director, food and beverage manager, and some even say as a bell boy.

Rosenthal survived a car bombing

While the dramatic scenes from the film are truly amazing to watch, it is hard to believe that Rosenthal actually experienced a car bombing. They were able to locate the bomb on time because of the metal stabilization plate located under the driver’s seat.

car bombing

A former casino executive was hunted down in real

From the numerous murders shown in the film Casino, some of them are said to be true. The murder of a former casino executive is one of the most infamous murders from the film that occurred in real in Costa Rica. It is one crime in the film that is a hard fact to swallow, considering we all have seen that scene.

Geri and Spilotro had a real affair

It is alleged that the ex-wife of Rosenthal McGee and Spilotro had an affair. It makes us ponder on the love triangle shown in the movie between Rothstein, McKenna, and Santoro. No one would say a word about whether the things portrayed in the movie happened for real, but it is mostly in denial by the mob.

How To Navigate Your Way In A Casino


A lot of people actually make their way into a casino, by trying out new games. Some things actually make them uneasy, but they realise that they are there to try new things. If you’re finding yourself amongst thousand games, dealing with all the noise, bright lights blinking at you and some other casino distractions in the distance, you should know that the casino atmosphere is something that is not replicated anywhere else. You are there to have fun. Casinos have actually evolved into some of the best entertainment options in the entire world. Almost 27% of Americans visit casinos, at least once in a year. This number continues to grow, because legalise gambling has been continuing to expand in the United States of America.

Let us not consider what happened in the pandemic, because the brick and mortar casino industry suffered quite a bit, because of the lockdowns.

Casinos have always been places that offer a variety of games that do a fantastic job when it comes to enticing everyone who is dreaming of a life-changing jackpot, to simplify enjoyment. Whether you are someone who is a beginner or even a better and when it comes to gambling, the most important fact about the casino is that the house always has the edge and the house always wins. Some players will end up winning big, but we should keep in mind that winning and losing is a part of it. Casinos run games according to how they want to, and they have the edge, there is nothing you can do about it, except enjoy.

Keep in mind that slot machines are some of the most easiest and also popular comes to casino gambling. The process is incredibly simple. You push a button, and you wait for the outcome. You either win, or you lose. The casinos actually end up making a lot of money from slot machine games. Slot machines can easily account for almost 70% of the money that casinos make from gambling. Isn’t that mind-blowing?

The house advantage on every single slot game can actually vary from casino to casino, but it is typically 10%. If you think about it, for every $100 that you put into the machines, the machine returns an average of $90 over the long run, which means that the casino keeps $10. You could end up hitting a huge jackpot, or you could lose within a couple of minutes, it all depends on luck and chance.

It doesn’t matter what you hear elsewhere, there is absolutely no strategy for winning at a slot machine, and don’t think about cheating either.

Navigating your way in a casino for the first time is easy; stick to slot machines.

How Much Do Casino Pit Bosses Make?

Casino Pit Bosses

The role of a pit boss is similar to a manager for any facility. Most of their time is spent walking around their assigned casino floor and making sure that the guests are having a good time while everyone understands the ethics and regulations of the casino. They also keep an eye on the games and that they are being played according to the rules. They oversee all the dealers, servers, and other staff members assigned to their working floor. They also train new employees and show them around the work area while monitoring their performance all the time.

Requirements to become a pit boss

Most of the roles in the casinos do not require any educational qualifications, but there are certain prerequisites that the casinos create to pick ideal candidates for job roles. The casinos do not have openings for pit bosses directly. The dealers who work at the casinos for a long time get the promotion to become pit bosses. The dealers need to have enough experience in the casino and the trust of the organization they are working for to carry higher roles in the casinos.

Pit bosses develop managerial skills over time and have an eye for attention and detail. They should also be smart enough to handle all the disputes on their floors with ease. The preferred education between two worthy candidates is a high school diploma or a certified experience in attending casino training programs.

The ideal candidate

Becoming a pit boss is not as easy as they have to take care of different types of guests every day while also managing their staff. They should have an attractive personality to make their guests feel welcomed and comfortable. Since most of the pit bosses are promoted from being a dealer, they also maintain a good connection with their former level employees. They treat their entire staff with fairness and responsibility.

The ideal candidate
At the same time, the pit bosses need to create a balance between being friendly and being authoritative. Sometimes, the guests can take things for granted. This is the time when the pit boss has to make a smart decision and stop the spoilers from ruining the time of other guests. They should be unbiased while making a decision and should know how to deliver their opinion the right way. While managerial skills are the most important for pit bosses, they also acquire other skills like negotiation skills, logical thinking, and social intelligence over time.

How much do pit bosses make?

Pit bosses have more responsibilities than other minimum wage employees at the casinos. Their salary can range based on the casinos they work for. The pit bosses in the US make $50,000 to $75,000 annually. Pit bosses are not allowed to accept any tips. This is why sometimes a good dealer can make more money than pit bosses. It also makes the position of pit boss undesirable for many dealers.

A Guide To Beginners: Casino Gambling


Let me tell you the first thing I did on my 21st birthday; I went to Las Vegas and gambled a bit. Actually, I gambled quite a bit. I remember spending $2000 on my 21st birthday, in Las Vegas. I have actually been gambling ever since. I am not a high roller, but I do know my way around the casino and most of the casino games. If you are someone who is absolutely clueless about what to do, you have come to the right place. In this guide, I am going to be giving you a beginners guide to casino gambling.

Imagine you are finally in a noisy, opulent, twinkly casino. Imagine that you have filled up at the buffet and that you are itching to roll the dice to see if luck is on your side. Well, you will be greeted with a cocktail waitress and a cocktail of your choice. They will give you free alcohol, as long as you are playing. Gambling can definitely be an amazing way to spend the time. I am sure you have big dreams of winning the huge jackpot in the casino, but it is not going to be how it is in the movies. Below, I’m going to list out certain things that you should keep in mind.


  • You should understand that the house always has an advantage. No matter which game you are playing. The house, being the casino, has an unfair advantage. That is why they are a multi-billion dollar industry. The matter is also always on the side. You cannot beat the casino when it comes to edge.
  • You should know that chance and luck or two of the biggest factors when it comes to winning, especially when you are playing games of chance. Unlike the house, you do not have the edge. There are a lot of ways that you can end up losing. There is also no way to confirm any winnings.
  • Always walk inside a casino with a fixed amount of money which you are ready to lose. It means that you should be having an expendable amount of money. It is not lucrative of you to spend everything you have. It is also not advisable to use the ATM in the casinos, because that way, you are dipping into your savings. If you are planning on spending $1000, you should stick to a thousand dollars, whether you win or lose.
  • You should always know that hot streaks do not last. If you are on a hot streak, it is probably because of your luck. You should not to get carried away with hot streets. The hot streak will eventually end, and you will end up wondering where all your chips went.

3 Best Games to Play in a Casino


‘Fun’ has a different definition in every individual’s world; if you are a fan of gambling, this article aims at delving deeper into your favorite space. Disagreement is likely to rise up and erupt in excess among certain gamblers as we take the next step into the discussion. Since we plan on shedding light on the various casino games that are regarded as the best, people with a different opinion may find this list totally absurd. If beginners are reading this and trying to figure out the best game to play, you can try them out as we are listing down the popular opinion.

However, the voice of opposition is accepted and agreed upon for the reasons those particular gamblers find their favorite games as the best. No games have been designed to work in your favor; all the tables and machines will make the casinos great profits over a long period. So, you are free to opt for the game you like to try tonight, but make sure you don’t keep playing after massive losses. Let us dive right into the list of the best games you can play in a casino.

1.      Blackjack

Starting with the negatives would be ideal since that would debunk the relatively uninteresting side of every game. Blackjack is a game that would need a lot of social interaction, meaning if you are not fond of conversations, these may not be sessions you would enjoy. Also, if you don’t like games that require you to make instant decisions, blackjack can be quite challenging. However, if you love to use strategies and have fun with other players on the table, go for blackjack. It also is one of the casino games with the lowest house edge. Another benefit of blackjack is that the skilled players can have a better edge over the casino.


2.      Video Poker

Video poker can be a fun option if you love playing on slot machines, but it might not offer the same level of entertainment as games as blackjack or craps would. If you are a social gambler, video poker may not keep you engaged for a long time. But if you want to occasionally test your luck with these machines, it can be a lot of fun. Also, since it rewards the skilled players, those with well-thought-out strategies can make a fortune out of the various rounds. Another important factor that keeps players driving to these machines is the fairly good odds. The payback percentage of the machine can be calculated, making it a more profitable game worth playing for a few hours.

video poker

3.      Craps

With many people around the table, you can easily get intimidated by the atmosphere of this game. If you are an introvert, craps would be another option you have to skip. But the house edge is as low as blackjack, and it could pay out huge amounts over a short period. Craps is also the only game with a zero house edge bet.