A Guide To Beginners: Casino Gambling


Let me tell you the first thing I did on my 21st birthday; I went to Las Vegas and gambled a bit. Actually, I gambled quite a bit. I remember spending $2000 on my 21st birthday, in Las Vegas. I have actually been gambling ever since. I am not a high roller, but I do know my way around the casino and most of the casino games. If you are someone who is absolutely clueless about what to do, you have come to the right place. In this guide, I am going to be giving you a beginners guide to casino gambling.

Imagine you are finally in a noisy, opulent, twinkly casino. Imagine that you have filled up at the buffet and that you are itching to roll the dice to see if luck is on your side. Well, you will be greeted with a cocktail waitress and a cocktail of your choice. They will give you free alcohol, as long as you are playing. Gambling can definitely be an amazing way to spend the time. I am sure you have big dreams of winning the huge jackpot in the casino, but it is not going to be how it is in the movies. Below, I’m going to list out certain things that you should keep in mind.


  • You should understand that the house always has an advantage. No matter which game you are playing. The house, being the casino, has an unfair advantage. That is why they are a multi-billion dollar industry. The matter is also always on the side. You cannot beat the casino when it comes to edge.
  • You should know that chance and luck or two of the biggest factors when it comes to winning, especially when you are playing games of chance. Unlike the house, you do not have the edge. There are a lot of ways that you can end up losing. There is also no way to confirm any winnings.
  • Always walk inside a casino with a fixed amount of money which you are ready to lose. It means that you should be having an expendable amount of money. It is not lucrative of you to spend everything you have. It is also not advisable to use the ATM in the casinos, because that way, you are dipping into your savings. If you are planning on spending $1000, you should stick to a thousand dollars, whether you win or lose.
  • You should always know that hot streaks do not last. If you are on a hot streak, it is probably because of your luck. You should not to get carried away with hot streets. The hot streak will eventually end, and you will end up wondering where all your chips went.

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