How Much Do Casino Pit Bosses Make?

Casino Pit Bosses

The role of a pit boss is similar to a manager for any facility. Most of their time is spent walking around their assigned casino floor and making sure that the guests are having a good time while everyone understands the ethics and regulations of the casino. They also keep an eye on the games and that they are being played according to the rules. They oversee all the dealers, servers, and other staff members assigned to their working floor. They also train new employees and show them around the work area while monitoring their performance all the time.

Requirements to become a pit boss

Most of the roles in the casinos do not require any educational qualifications, but there are certain prerequisites that the casinos create to pick ideal candidates for job roles. The casinos do not have openings for pit bosses directly. The dealers who work at the casinos for a long time get the promotion to become pit bosses. The dealers need to have enough experience in the casino and the trust of the organization they are working for to carry higher roles in the casinos.

Pit bosses develop managerial skills over time and have an eye for attention and detail. They should also be smart enough to handle all the disputes on their floors with ease. The preferred education between two worthy candidates is a high school diploma or a certified experience in attending casino training programs.

The ideal candidate

Becoming a pit boss is not as easy as they have to take care of different types of guests every day while also managing their staff. They should have an attractive personality to make their guests feel welcomed and comfortable. Since most of the pit bosses are promoted from being a dealer, they also maintain a good connection with their former level employees. They treat their entire staff with fairness and responsibility.

The ideal candidate
At the same time, the pit bosses need to create a balance between being friendly and being authoritative. Sometimes, the guests can take things for granted. This is the time when the pit boss has to make a smart decision and stop the spoilers from ruining the time of other guests. They should be unbiased while making a decision and should know how to deliver their opinion the right way. While managerial skills are the most important for pit bosses, they also acquire other skills like negotiation skills, logical thinking, and social intelligence over time.

How much do pit bosses make?

Pit bosses have more responsibilities than other minimum wage employees at the casinos. Their salary can range based on the casinos they work for. The pit bosses in the US make $50,000 to $75,000 annually. Pit bosses are not allowed to accept any tips. This is why sometimes a good dealer can make more money than pit bosses. It also makes the position of pit boss undesirable for many dealers.

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